Username/Name: susandennis
What does your username stand for: my first name + my last name
Age: 69.5
Gender {Optional}: F
Sexual Preference: don't care
Relationship Status: very single
Location: seattle, wa, usa

Describe yourself in at least 3 sentences: Retired. Lover of swimming, baseball, yarn work, sewing. Details in profile.

Some favorite TV shows: Most lawyer shows, most doctor shows, most police procedurals, a whole lot of Acorn programming

Things you look forward to when autumn approaches: Cold weather! rain and cloudy days

Least favorite things about autumn: End of baseball

Do you enjoy seeing holiday decor early in the holiday season?: Honestly, I do not care one way or the other

Content found in your LJ: It's my online daily journal. I write as if it is an old timey daily diary.

How often do you update/comment? I write every day. I comment when I have something valuable to contribute that is not negative.


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