Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A small window of opportunity...

The BreezoMeter rating today is 53. 100 is squeaky clean air. Last week it was down to 9. So 53 is a victory. And one that I'm particularly pleased about since I will be spending several hours tonight sitting out in that air and breathing.

However, tomorrow through about Wednesday, it's forecast to get really bad again. So. Thank you. I'll just enjoy tonight. Another indicator of cleaner air is hot. The temp on my terrace right now is 90 degrees because there's no smoke to prevent the sun from heating everything up. So good and bad.

On my way home from grocery shopping after my swim, I was sitting at a stop sign waiting for a pedestrian to pass so I could turn. That pedestrian, a 50ish woman, stopped to tell me that she's the owner of the other green Smart car!! I've always wondered. I first saw it about 5 years ago. It's green like mine but has black trim where mine has silver. I've seen in maybe once or twice since and heard of sightings. Turns out she (and it) live in Bellevue! What fun.

Years and years ago, fj had a green smart car as his profile pic on LJ. It was the first Smart Car I ever saw and I fell in love immediately. When I went to buy mine, turns out, they had two green ones amidst a bunch of other very fun colors. But the green won my heart. So I picked the silver trim and handed over my cash. I've also regretted my decision to buy the car and in that color exactly ZERO times. My fear now is that something will happen to it and I won't be able replace it since they make neither the car nor the color any more. Maybe I'd just go find this Bellevue woman and make her an offer she can't refuse.

Today I'm doing laundry. Maybe 3 loads. Also today my Amazon Prime Wardrobe delivery is coming. These are the shoes I ordered. They are coming via USPS. Last Saturday I was waiting for a package from the post office and the guy didn't get until 6 pm. So my expectations of seeing these shoes before I leave for the game at 5 are really low.

I was a little concerned that Zoey might not be happy about the new litter box situation. I replaced the cheap, stinky litter with the more expensive, lightweight scented stuff. It clumps better and stays in the box better and... smells way better. But, turns out she's fine with it. Yeah! I hate spending more and it's really not even that much more - maybe $1 a pound. But, oh it's so much nicer. Plus, Zoey can generate some massive stink when she puts her mind to it.

Last night's game sucked. I'm hoping that tonight's will be better. At least, I know for sure the food will be good.
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