Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Better but still

I am more short of breath today than I have been in a while. It's not horrible but it's definitely noticeable. But the Breezometer is saying the air quality index this morning is up to 39. A pretty impressive improvement over yesterday's 9. I'm hopeful that by tomorrow night's baseball game, it will have moved on from killer air. Even more fun than that was this morning, getting to my car, it actually felt chilly!! Just for a minute but enough to remember what chilly was like. And I like.

I think I will go over to Costco today. I have nothing I need to buy but I can make a good walk out of it and that I really need. There's a good chance that my shortness of breath is at least partially due to my sitting on my ass.

And I have a list of other things that I want to do today:

Change watch face
Fix swim alerts on watch
Patch kitchen paint
Sort out T-Mobile sim
Deep clean litter box
Check and order insurance reward (another $10!)

So the guy who rents the condo next to mine is a full on whacko in a wide variety of ways - since the day he moved in. The list of odd things he's done or said in the 2 and a half years he's lived there is really really long. And it keeps getting better.

About a year ago, I was in the lobby helping the HOA president fix the cameras we installed there. I left a roll of gaffer's tape on a table with some other stuff while I came up here to check on something. I was gone for 5 mins. While I was gone, my gaffer's tape walked off. I checked the camera and saw that it was Hunter - my neighbor. He'd just picked it up and walked off.

So I knocked on his door and asked for my tape back and he gave it to me. He seemed only mildly flustered at being caught.

Cut to this morning. When I came back from my swim, I spied a Lime bike in the lobby. Now, 1. who leaves a bike in the lobby??? 2. Who brings a Lime bike inside??? (Lime bikes are those rent and ride bikes. They are sprinkled all over town. You want to ride? Fire up the app, unlock and off you go. And then leave it where ever you stop as long as it's in a publicly accessible area. Our lobby is not publicly accessible.)

So when I got up here, I looked at the lobby cam and, sure enough, 2:15 am, Hunter walks the bike into the lobby and leaves it there. WTF? Dude's got some major screws loose. He knows there's a camera there.

My first thought was to screen shot the video and send to the building manager and HOA president but, really, not my job, not my business. The closest I could get is that he's littering up the lobby and, therefore, devaluing my property. Too much of a stretch. Both the building manager and the HOA president have access to the web cam feed and history (if they remember how to use it) and it's their job to deal. But, really. The guy is beyond weird.

Ok, now the first two things on my list and the last one are done! Zoey is now nestled here along my thigh and that will make it difficult to get up but I can't stay here forever...
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