Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fucking the day away

I started writing about how I had just wasted this entire day. But, you know what? That's not exactly true. I finished the shirt I made and it's all ready now for cool weather (come soon, please!) and started a fleece vest.

I made pasta in the Instant Pot and then made it into a nice Asian salad for lunch.

I have Instant Pot pasta nailed. Spaghetti just barely covered in water. High pressure for 4. I walk away and come back when I hear the beeps. Then I release the steam and eat or cool. Easy peasy and perfect.

I did not do the laundry like I should have. But, it's not like I'm out of clean clothes. It's just that the dirty clothes hamper is full. So what if it gets fuller.

Now I'm working on a new crochet project and watching TV. No Mariner game tonight so I'll just be doing more of this til bedtime. The air is getting better. It's up to 19 now. But I think still too crappy to go out in if I don't have to and I don't have to. If it's still this crappy tomorrow, I'll go to Costco. I can stretch my legs there and get a nice walk on flat surface in air conditioned comfort.
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