Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Looks like everyone was right on the smoke front. It's not world's better today but I can absolutely see some trees from where I sit that I could not see yesterday. They were completely obscured by the smoke. So some better. But wait. The BreezoMeter says it's way worse. Yesterday and the day before it was hovering around 34.

I'm sorry I checked that now.

Yesterday's foray out was fine really. I was careful and didn't stay out any longer than necessary and didn't seem to suffer any ill effects. But, I don't think I'll be going out to play today. It's ok. I have plenty to amuse here inside. I just hope it gets better by Saturday night's baseball game.

I'm hooked on two Acorn shows just now - Five Days and No Offense. I started watching one and then switched to the other and quickly realized that I needed to ride one to the end before doing the other one. The voices, the accents, the plots all get jumbled in my brain. But they are both so good. I'm delighted to have quality TV to watch in the Summer Wasteland Months.

My next sewing venture is to make a couple of vests for winter. Probably out of fleece. I can't find a pattern that I love so I think I'm just going to make one up. I do have a shirt to finish first, however.
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