Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

what? sorry, can't hear you

I managed to get water stuck in my ear this morning. Usually I don't and when I do, I can shake it out or in extreme cases, I can vibrate it out with the ass end of an electric toothbrush. But, this morning, nothing's working. And it's annoying. But, probably not fatal.

Seattle is blanketed by smoke this morning. It's really bad. Probably the worst I've seen. It's likely not as bad as it looks but it looks apocalyptic. I did not see it on the way to the pool because... dark but coming home, I rolled the windows up and turned on the air conditioning. I'm not going outside today and I'm leaving the doors (my only portal to outside is the sliders to the terrace) firmly closed.

I do have incoming, though. The countertop people are coming today to check on where the bullnosed edge is pulling away from the top. They will be here at 10. I thought about clearing everything off the counter but then decided that they might need to see what my everyday set up looks like to help determine the cause so that the fix can be more permanent.

hmmmmm. I just got a text from USPS that my package will arrive today. Except. I didn't order anything that is scheduled to arrive today. That I remember. Interesting. The suspense won't be a killer, though. The mail carrier is usually here by about noon on Tuesdays.

Outside of the countertop adventures, today I think I'll spend some time with the sewing patterns I have. I keep buying more when what I really need to do is cull the ones I have and make sure they all fit perfectly then I can just use the for variations.

I had a major sewing fail yesterday. It was a new pattern that so did not work. It was fleece so pretty easy to rescue usable scraps. I can always use fleece scraps. But, really, it's so hard to get interested in fleece when it's still so hot outside.
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