Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swim dreams

I have dreams that I remember maybe once a week. Usually they are work dreams. Dreams where I have some kind of cool job and do neat stuff. But every once in a while I have a swim dream. Almost always, these dreams are about stuff that stands between me and swimming. Either there are too many people in the pool and not in tidy lanes or like last night when I had this whole pile of my stuff but I couldn't find the stuff I needed to swim. My mom was there and she was zero help.

I'm pretty sure a dream analyst would sustain long and powerful orgasms over my dreams. Last night's was fun for me because, it gave me a greater appreciation for my swim this morning. I had my stuff at the ready and it was effortless. I did get a little bored midway in so I decided to focus how how the water felt on my body, bit by bit ... toes, then feet, then ankles, etc. It was kind of a fun little exercise.

Today I have todo's. I ordered these little paint sampler bottles from Amazon. I'm going to fill them with my wall paints so that patching, next time, won't be something I'll put off. It will be way easier to store and use them on them on the fly. But, first, I need to get the freakin' paint into the bottles. I have a plan.

And I think I'm going to do some shoe shopping (on Zappos). I need something to replace my every day sandals when the weather turns. It's not a critical need so if I can't find anything, no biggie, but a trip to Zappos is generally an involved day trip.

The baseball game is at 11 because they are playing in Texas. At least it's in a domed air conditioned stadium so no rain out possible. There's a soccer game across the street this evening so any going anywhere will need to be done by mid-afternoon but I don't think there's anywhere I need to go.

Safeway had their halloween candy out yesterday. No candy pumpkins. Bartell's was, as yet, halloween free. I was going to check QFC this morning but forgot my wallet. All stores need to let me pay by phone. Seriously, really.

This new chair has enough clearance off the floor to provide Zoey with a nice little nap area. It took me a while to figure out that's where she was hanging out. It's actually the perfect spot for both of us. She can keep an eye on me and I'm fine with her shedding all the wants under there.

When she's not under the chair, however, she favors the day bed in the sewing room. A lot. Which is fine except, that quilt is a bitch to remove, wash and replace. So I put a blanket down on the spot she favors. She moved. I put another piece of cloth on her new spot. That left one sliver of area exposed. And this is what I found this morning:


The cat union should give her a JobWellDone ribbon for that kind of action.
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