Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

coco for ...

I've always hated coconut and lima beans. But lima beans aside, coconut has never done it for me. I hate the texture and the taste and so also the smell. Always. Until recently. I still hate the texture and the taste but I've developed this 'thing' for hand lotion with a coconut aroma. I don't understand it. There about 798 different varieties of hand lotion that feature coconut so it's not a problem, just a curiosity.

I need a couple of things at the grocery store but not enough to actually go. Plus, if I go, I'll buy a lot of crap I don't need. I don't need anything frozen. Maybe I'll pop into Safeway tomorrow while I'm waiting for the pool to open. Yep. That's a good plan.

I did make an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow after my swim. It was perfect on Wednesday. Yesterday it was a little shaggy looking. Today it got caught in my goggles AND got in the way of my earbuds. So time.

And then after that, I'll stop at the SODO Flea Market they have on the 2nd Saturdays. I need to find stuff I can use for big buttons. Like half dollar sized. I have some sewing ideas that will need one off gynormous buttons and I'll bet I can find stuff there that will work. If not, I'll get some clay and make some.

But, today will be another in house day, I think. Still too warm and the air is still too shitty to make a frivolous venture out worthwhile.

I have a couple of projects that need to get off the ground today so I think I'll go get dressed and get started.
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