Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Forget what I said before - Pasta Take 2

But, first we made new egg bites. These are just amazing. And I love them.

Today I used:

8 eggs
8 oz shredded cheese
about a quarter cup of cream
bacon bits

My intent was to put bacon bits in the bottom of the mold cups before I put in the goop but I forgot so they went on top. Turns out, doesn't matter.

I whisked the eggs, cream and cheese together and added salt and pepper. And then poured it onto the molds. I did not get it even. But, again, no biggie.

Into the pot. I used the rack and then stacked one on top of the other. Steam (not pressure) for 8 mins, Natural release for 7 mins. DONE!

I cooled them on the counter for a while then all but 4 in the freezer to firm up and then transferred them to the bag and back to the freezer where they'll stay until the four in the fridge are gone. English muffin + one or two of these beauties = BREAKFAST!!


Then pasta.  I just barely covered the pasta with water BUT, apparently it was still too much. Less next time.

4 minutes on MAX Pressure. (I steamed last time. Pressure way better.) Immediate venting. Nice.


Between the start up time and the pressure time and the release time (even quick release takes at least a minute), you really don't save any time doing this. BUT it's way more set it and forget it (at least for a longer time and you can still forget it til the pot beeps). I did have to pour off a fair amount of water. More than I think I should. Plus, PIA cause no colander (I have one of those things that clips onto 'any pan' except not the instant pot pan.) Amazon is fixing the no colander situation.

I put a couple of drops of olive oil on the pasta and tossed it so it wouldn't stick to itself and left it too cool on the counter. Once it was cooled, I doused it with magic sauce and the result was yum. I don't have any crunch stuff like cukes, or carrots, or cabbage or scallions to make a fabulous cold noodle salad but just the spaghetti and sauce was good. And way better than yesterday's which, turns out, was too mushy. (And the left over that I had put in the fridge was just nothing but mush. Ugh.)

I took the rest and put it into a baggie and squeezed out all the air and put it in the freezer. Testing... testing... testing...

I really do like this Instant Pot. I'm glad I bit the bullet.
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