Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This has been a week of not much

I feel like I have just fucked the week away. Part of it is the heat, I think. It's Thursday and I don't feel like I have anything to show for the week. But, what the hell do I expect? It's not like I'm trying to cure cancer or something. I'm an old, lazy, slacker with nothing to do but entertain herself and I have managed to do that.

There's nothing huge on the agenda for today either. Maybe laundry? Probably laundry. And some more Instant Pot Pasta tries. I've decided that I'm not as happy with yesterday's experiment as I was at first. So today I'm going to try a new method.

I might make a run to Grocery Outlet which is close by but I might not. The air outside is really uggy and that with the heat, not a good mix. And I don't really need anything. I've got plenty to eat in the house and even enough pasta to test with.

I do have a box of crochet squares that some guy who makes blankets for charity asked me for. I don't quite have enough yet to stuff the box full but I'm close. It would be fun to finish and that that box stuffed and off.

But, first I think I'll go get dressed, start the first laundry load and maybe do a second cup of coffee.
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