Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So gratifying!!

There were several places around this house with chipped paint and it drove me nuts. This morning, I got out the really old paint which, of course, when wet, didn't come close to matching in color. But, it's been fun, today, to watch the paint dry and the chips become invisible. Really satisfying.

But the touch up paint is pretty sad. I ordered some touch up paint pots. They are small so I can keep them near and catch spots as they happen. I didn't have any dark green and the yellow was totally dried up so I need to get more of those and do their touch ups and set up the little bottles, but I can do that when the pots get here next week.

But, meanwhile, that white spot over the mantle and the brownish patch behind this chair and the white spot next to the TV... ALL GONE!

Turned out I was able to listen in on the home owners association meeting last night. Not clearly but enough to remind myself that not going was a great decision. They get into such pretzels over the dumbest things. Last night, this one belligerent resident raised a stink about his housecleaner.

The condo, through the company that we pay to manage the building, contracts out to a company who sends people to clean. One of those people is a woman who has been passing out her business cards and asking for work cleaning individual units. She approached me. She was very nice about it but I have a house cleaner. The condo has a rule about this (as they do with all things). No one who cleans the condo building can work for individual unit owners. This rule has been on the books for a while (like years). Plus, the company who actually pays her salary and holds the contract for working here, does not allow their employees to take side jobs in building where they work.

So this guy says those rules are stupid and he has a right to hire who he wants and she has a right to work where she wants and no one should be telling them differently. Condo people.

If you want to do things without rules, move into a house in the country or on a remote island, k? And, condo board, you should be advising people like this to fight the rule first not after they break it. This guy probably just got the cleaning woman fired from her job cleaning the building.

I'd much rather live like an ostrich than get valid proof that my neighbors are idiots.

My phone is updating to Android 9. PIE. I've been running the beta of it for months now so I do not expect any surprises. I'd very much like for it to not break my phone. But, if it does it won't be critical, just a pain in the ass.

Candy wars... I have a problem.

My recent addiction to Good 'n Plentys is getting ready to calendar class with Melocreme Marshmellows and it could get ugly.

goodplenty.gif goodplenty.gif goodplenty.gif

Ok, break time is over. I'm going to clean up the kitchen, pack up the latest Amazon return and then maybe do some tv watchin' knittin'.
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