Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not fine, not art

Yesterday the plants got watered. They were so grateful. And this morning their little heads are up just as perky as can be.

So today's project is paint. I have a lot of wall facets in this place. Odd bumps out of the walls and ceilings. They are brought to you by Old Railroad Warehouse Turned into Condo. The woman who designed my interior chose to highlight them with various colors and shades of colors. So my walls are more than 7 different paint colors. When a bit needed patching, I'd open up the appropriate color and patch. But then I got lazy and now this list is:

1. The light purple over the mantle - also behind the chair
2. The lime green by the TV
3. The dark purple on one of the hall shelves
4. The blue in the kitchen - over the sink and under the motion sensor lights

Ohhh not such a big deal when I list it out. Each spot is about the size of a quarter so the big deal is getting out all the cans and getting them opened then closed and put back again. I think this time I'll also do an inventory of what I have in that bin where I keep the patch paint.

I was going to make a hoodie but I was piecing together the pattern last night and realized there were problems with it and while I could fight my way through, I didn't care that much about the result and the pattern was making me mad so... ABANDON SHIP! Clearly a life's too short situation.

Ever since last week, when I had that coughing fit from being outside, I've had a low level lung situation. Not quite coughing but not quite breathing perfectly either. I feel like maybe I dodged something much bigger and worse but while I'm grateful for the dodge, I'm ready to get back to normal. I'm afraid of pissing off these poor damaged lungs. It's really going to be too hot to go out today. At least on foot. So no biggie but I'd like to get back to ok so I have the going out option if I want to. I want to give that free downtown shuttle a go. But not today.

I had a weird/interesting thing happen yesterday. Over the weekend, I tried to watch some Acorn TV but struggled to find something with closed captioning. So yesterday I wrote to them complaining and I got a response asking what service I was using since nearly all their sows are CC. So I turned it on to compile them a list of the shows without and ... I couldn't find any?!! Shows that I watched over the weekend now magically had closed captioning... Clearly Roku is fucking with me. Not Funny.

Now I am ready to get up, get paint and get to work but there is a cat luxuriously draped across my lap. I guess I'll internet for a bit longer instead.
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