Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

monday monday

The next time I get up from this chair, I absolutely need to water the plants.

I have probably said this in my head every day for the past week. I really do need to do it today. Especially the one outside sitting frying in the hot sun. Today. This morning. For sure. No excuses.

I ordered two things - one in the morning and one in the evening - from Amazon yesterday and, at checkout, was told they would be here Tuesday. I just got a text that they would be here today. Amazon just gets me.

The countertop people will be here on Tuesday (next week) to look at the problem. I would not have been surprised or even very disappointed if they had not responded at all or just said 'sorry'. No promises were made and laminate installation is a dying service anyway. So I'm grateful that they care enough to come out and maybe fix or at least prevent from getting worse. I love the countertop and want it to last a few more whiles, please.

I'm ready to get up, water those plants and get on with my day but Zoey is stretched out and snuggled up next to my leg and I'm not ready to give that up yet. In a minute, but not yet.

I really want to ride in a Tesla. There's a new guy at the gym with one. Or maybe it's an old guy with a new Tesla. He does not look friendly or fun but I do love his car. I don't want to own one but I'd love to have a friend with one. I don't even want to drive one. I just want to ride around in one. I'll have to work on gym guy.

The two condos in this building that have been on sale now for more than a month are still on sale. Both are over priced but one was WAY over priced and they just dropped their price by $40,000. I'll be interested to see if that moves it.

Tonight is the monthly home owners meeting. I am no going. The meetings piss me off too much. Plus there is a baseball game at the same time. There's a Nest cam in the lobby where they old the meetings. I might try to listen in with it. Or maybe no.

Ok, cat snuggles just have to be sacrificed. I need get up and get going. Watering plants in 1...2...
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