Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hi, A/C, welcome back. I do love you.

It's getting hot again. This time they are saying hot til next weekend. So the blinds are down and the a/c is on and while hot inside, we're cuke cool in here and plan to say that way.

Yesterday I noticed they had erected a gynormous tent (looked like maybe 3/4ths of a football field) next to the baseball stadium. This morning said tent was plastered with signs indicating that it was the Pearl Jam merch tent. Ohmylord. Pearl Jam has concerts at the baseball park this coming Wednesday and again on Friday. Outside the tent were several rows of stanchions for standing in line via airport security. In between the two Pearl Jam concerts, on Thursday, the Seahawks play a pregame in the football stadium. There's always something in this neighborhood.

Again, I'll be here, inside, if you need me. Or if you don't.

I need to get off my ass, though, even if it's only to walk down the hall. When I sew, I'm up and down quite a bit so I think there will be some sewing. It's too hot to consider sewing winter stuff except I do have a hoodie pattern I may give a try. I did plan out something while I was swimming this morning, so maybe I'll give that a start. I'd like to make more dolls but I just can't quite get back into it. Yet.

There's a Mariner game this afternoon. And then more TV tonight. Although. I have discovered, much to my dismay, that may of the shows on Acorn do not have closed captions. This is not good. The idioms are difficult enough to cypher without having to also listen through those charming but really hard to understand accents. If Vera didn't have CC, every episode would sound like Charlie Brown's teacher to me. Oh well, there's a lot on Amazon that I have not seen and even more on Netflix.

Oh egg Bite update. I thawed out the frozen ones in the fridge overnight. Nuked 1 for 75 seconds (probably only needed 60 or less) and then cut it into 3 slices and made an egg sandwich between two English muffin halves. DELISH!
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