Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok, enough with the Canadians

The Blue Jays do not have a great team this year and, yet, they are hammering the fuck out of the Mariners. Of course, the Mariners really helped last night by playing like they had booked luxury cruises in October so were not at all interested in any playoff games. And, to make it worse, the stadium was, indeed, full of Canadians who drowned out any Seattle fan reactions. The charm of their enthusiasm did not last nearly as long as their enthusiasm. It was just, over all, a very lousy game. I'm kind of glad that I don't have any more on my schedule for a while. Next one is August 18.

This morning's swim was lovely. I was a lot slower than usual and didn't care. Usually after my Saturday swim, I swing by one of the grocery stores there near the pool. I buy too much because I am hungry. Today I decided to try Amazon Fresh. The pick up is on the way home from the pool. It does not open until 10 and I'm usually out of the gym by 9:15 but today I was slow and then took my time and then used the gym wifi to do stuff on my phone and then drove to Fresh.

It's nice and cool out and their pickup location is covered so shaded. I got there 15 minutes early and discovered that they, too, have free wifi, so it was actually a lovely wait. I ordered less than I would have bought in the store so that's an upside.

I came home and had a couple of my new egg bites. From fridge, 90 secs in the micro. Perfect. They have a lovely, light, texture and are really quite tasty and certainly very easy. Tomorrow I'll try a couple that did the freezer part of the Tour To My Breakfast.


I did get more eggs at Amazon Fresh.

I don't really have any plans for today. It's nice enough to go walk outside and my lungs feel good but I'm still wary. So maybe, maybe not. I might scope out a next sewing project. I might sew up some pants - I have 3 pair cut out and ready for assembly but I'm I have plenty already made. I might just watch TV and do yarn work. OR listen to the S. King book which still has many hours of listening and is really a good one.

I think I'll start with putting away the groceries and see what happens from there.
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