Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It started with the Instant Pot. I decided to make soft boiled eggs. I tried 3 minutes. Whites not cooked. I tried 5 minutes. Whites not cooked. I took one of the 5 minute ones and popped it into the microwave for 20 seconds. The shell popped a little so I grabbed a corner of it and then stuck my spoon in to scoop the egg out of the shell and it exploded.I mean EXPLODED. There were/are bits of egg everywhere. I gave up, grabbed my coffee and went to sit down. I reached into my pocket to get my phone and there was egg. A bunch of egg in my pocket!

So...happy Friday! I also tried microwave poaching which was a little more successful and not nearly as messy.

My goal is zippy fast soft boiled or poached eggs, without having to eagle eye a clock and without having to clean up a device/extra dish. So I want to come in, grab 2 eggs, push a button and, in 5 mins or less, have soft boiled or poached eggs. I want the white firm or firmish and the yoke runny. So far my little one use egg cooker does the best job. It takes too long, takes up counter space and kind of needs watching but does do perfect soft boiled eggs. I should try the poacher that came with it maybe.

Ok, journal interuptus. I just poached an egg in the egg cooker and it worked fine. Just fine. So... problem solved. And, while it was poaching I cleaned up more of the egg. And while I was cleaning up the egg, I saw that my laminate countertop - installed a year and a week ago - is pulling away from the beveled edge. Fuck. I snapped a picture and sent an email to the laminate people. I can't find any kind of guarantee on their website or their paperwork.

My lungs are still not fully recovered from yesterday's excursion. It's not horrible and it may be fine but I noticed this morning that it was harder to swim, breath-wize, than usual and the stairs caused some panting. I would worry, since it's Friday but, thanks to Dr. Lung, I have a round of prednizone on hand if needed, so no panic. I sucked down my albuterol inhaler and that helped. I'm NOT going outside today. That's for sure. I will be going outside tonight but, I can go around the back away from the construction.

Oh my! I just got an email from the laminate lady. She's says she's going to 'set up a work order to address the problem - what day is good for me'! Wow. That's impressive. The damage isn't too bad now but I'm worried about this being the beginning. I'm a lot less worried now that she's all over fixing it for me. I need to get my flashlight and go over all the rest carefully.

Not impressive is Zoey and the new chair. Think scratching post! NFW there little lady. I have a plan for stopping this now and will be doing that today.

Tonight is a Diamond Club night at the ballpark. Yeah! They lost again last night so I'm adjusting my attitude back to pre 2018 expectations. I'm going to enjoy the food and the crowds (Canadians!!!) and the evening. If they win, great. If they don't, no biggie.

And while I'm not going outside today, maybe next week. There is now - through October - a free shuttle that stops 2 blocks from here and goes downtown by way of the waterfront!!! We have not had this route covered in any transit - paid or free - in forever. It will take me right to Pike Place Market and/or the Space Needle (and we've never had transit from here directly to the Space Needle ever!) and all points in between. I am absolutely giving it a ride next week! Thank you, tourist season!
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