Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This is why I don't go outside...

I live on 1st Avenue which is a really long street but a block away from my end of 1st Avenue they have had the street torn up for months. Initially they promised it would be done and back to us by May. Yeah, right. I don't walk on 1st Avenue much these days because it's noisy and a mess. But, today, I thought I'd go that way because where I was going was nearest there and I wanted to check on the progress. I understand now. They meant May of 2019. Fuckers.

It's a mess. Loud and just horrible. I don't know how the tourists stand it. Several businesses have left the area. It's just awful. BUT, it's also dusty and dirty and while I've had months and months of fabulous breathing, turns out my COPD still hates dusty dirty outside air.

I always carry some cough pills with me in a contact lens case and some water in a shampoo bottle so once I realized the lungs were really pissed and not kidding, I sucked down a pill and some water but I was not in time. It was just horrible. I barely got home. It's really hard to cough and walk at the same time. But I knew getting inside was the best bet. And it was.

But before it got bad, I was able to grab a bulgogi burrito and then went to the park where they had craft vendors. There's a British baker who was there and had lovely looking stuff so I bought some... And then I came home. The burrito was good and the chocolate stout cake with cream icing was heaven. I love the trend of making cakes that aren't over the top sweet.

I still have a little of the cough but I also have a big glass of water next to me and I'm not going outside again.

I got my charging cable for my swim music player. Works great. I got my kickstarter swim music player... it's ok. I probably won't use it that much as long as the original keeps working but it is nice to have a back up Spotify player. (It was a kickstarter that I signed up for eons ago before I got the other one.)

I also got a bunch of little around the house stuff done like all my daily pill does boxes filled - about 90 days worth! My favorite shopping bag mended. The kitchen cleaned up and my swim bag bottles (conditioner and lotion) refilled. Now I'm going to polish off this series on Acorn while I do a little crocheting.

Oh and Canada is in town. On every corner, while I was out, there were people in various modes of Blue Jay paraphernalia, studying their phone or looking around. 3 times I stopped and asked if I could help. They were so nice and grateful. One wanted the Mexican restaurant (2 blocks up, this side of the street, red door). The next group was looking for the Japanese grocery (see that pedestrian bridge? go across and then one block straight ahead). The last group was just waiting for their Uber but "is 13 Coins a decent dinner option for tonight?" YOU BETCHA! I love Canadians. If my lungs didn't hate outside so much. I'd be tempted to stroll the 'hood just looking for lost ones.
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