Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Of course it works, now...

A new charging cord for my swim music player is in the mail to me now. And so, for the first time in 3 weeks, the old cord worked as soon as I plugged it in. For the past weeks, I've had to plug it into the computer, the hub, the wall, the power strip, all over the house just to find one port that would give it enough juice to charge. Today, first time, charged fine. Of course. And then I get the text that the post office will deliver the replacement today. Of course.

The Salvation Army online pickup request thing includes an email saying that on the pickup day, if you call after 7:15 am, you can get a 2 hour window. So, at 7:15, I called and plugged in my phone number and the nice recorded lady said my pickup would be between 8:30 and 11. Nice. I was hoping it would be in the morning. I was just into my second cup of coffee when the phone rang at 7:45. It was the Salvation Army ... they were here already!!

Three guys. They picked up that sofa like it was a burrito and out the door with it to their truck while handing me a receipt and a thank you, goodbye! Done! Nice.

I just clicked on a link to a page that said Northwest Local News. Your Online Newspaper. I live in the northwest and I'd never heard of this. I clicked around looking for clues and found none. Not a single hint about where this was. There was a story about a talent competition and one about a poor man whose house burned down and then a mention of McHenry County... Lots of stories and ads about buying local but no mention anywhere of where 'local' was. Finally I clicked on Contact Us and there was about About link. There I found five paragraphs and finally, in the very last one, there was a mention of their lovely southern Illinois area. Whew. Anyone looking for a job in website Q&A in Illinois? I know a site that needs some!! (And why, in southern Illinois do they publish Northwest News???)

So now that my first big todo of the day is done... On with the rest. There's a baseball jewelry up in the park this afternoon that I want to visit. He's setting up at noon so I might wander up there and pick up lunch at the same time.

The weather out is perfect. There may even be a little drizzle.

Oh and in my Use No Cash project, I used $11 yesterday at Goodwill. I hate to make them pay bank fees. So that's $12.50 since July 11. Except I do pay the housecleaner in cash so it's really $212.50. Which is still good. Very good. It would be cool if I could slide through August without having to hit the ATM. I might be able to pull it off.
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