Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So not disappointed


The box from the Mariners arrived. And it was amazing fun to open. It is silly, wonderful stuff and I love it. Except for the cowboy hat. But, Goodwill will love that. I think I'll make something out of the two t-shirts and maybe the pajama pants but I don't know what yet. But it's all such fun. And now it's all put away. I now have a dedicated Mariners section on my hall shelves.

The Mariners are losing substantially here in the 9th. While I was unpacking the box I was paying attention to the box and not the game. When it was clear they were going lose again, I thought 'hmmm wonder if Houston won today?'... I woke up. The Mariners are playing Houston. So, yeah.

I had a single stalk of celery in the fridge and most of a bag of Pepperidge Farm stuffing left so I got some chicken thighs while I was out this morning. This afternoon made a batch of stuffing/dressing and then packaged it up with the thighs in dinner sized portions. I put all but one in the freezer. Guess what's for dinner?

The sun is out but it's still pretty cool and comfortable. My weather app says the next two days will not even see 70 which will be a treat.

Oh I did hear from the people behind my swim music player. They are sending me a new charging cable and if that does not fix the problem, they will send me out a new player. Very nice.

And my brother is hope with is new hip and he says things are good.

The game is over. I think I'll find some Acorn TV to watch.
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