Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A slut for swag

I love swag. I think it's an offshoot of my office supply addiction which I inherited from my mother so ... totally legit. One of my best jobs ever was when I was working for a start up with too much money and a taste for great swag and they put me in charge of it! A big part of my job was to find the coolest shit around, slap the logo on it and distribute. I had about 3 swag sales guys courting me with all the free shit I could carry. It was a heady time.

Back just before the baseball season, as a perk of my Diamond Club package, I was given a chance to purchase an opening day ticket which I declined - I like hearing the TV broadcasters on opening day. And... an opportunity to buy one of every single give away they handed out all season long. All the bobble heads, the Father's Day barbecue mitt, the sunglasses, all of it. $120 and I get one of every single one. OH yeah baby. I did stop and think about it, though. Would 1 be enough? Did I want 2? Nah, 1 would work. So I said Hell To The Yes, Please. They said the goodies would be delivered in two batches. One mid-season and one at the end.

And... today is the day. I got a notice yesterdy from Fed Ex that my package from the Mariners would be arriving today. I am so jazzed. I know there will be a lot of junk but Mariner sun glasses???? Tote bags, another pair of Mariner PJs to cut up and make something else out of? I'm quite excited.

Also today is house cleaner day. So, while she slaves away at making this place clean again, I'll be taking a giant load of stuff to Goodwill. Also I need into whip by Cash and Carry and beef up my supply of Diet Dr. Pepper.

Today's baseball is an afternoon game that is not, for once, a Facebook exclusive so I'll be watching that.
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