Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I discovered nearly by accident this morning that I have an extra Mariners Diamond game. I knew I had one on Monday (tomorrow) but somehow a game on Friday (August 3) slipped right by me and my calendar both. And it's against Toronto! I love playing Toronto here. All of Canada comes down to the game and they are so nice and so fun and it just turns up all the baseball goodness to a marvelous volume.

So next week is a two game week. Whew. That's exhausting to think about. I need to rest up today.

I thought for sure my neck and shoulders and arms would be screaming in pain today after all the bending, squatting, lifting, pushing, pulling I did yesterday but not so bad at all. My lower back is a little twitchy but not fatally and none of it bothered me while I was swimming.


This is a little misleading in that the out door sensor is, right now, sitting in direct sunlight but... if you were up here where there is at least a breeze and you were sitting next to that sensor on my terrace you'd be baking... Me? I'm inside where it's lovely and cool, thankyouverymuch. At 10:47 in the morning. I don't want to even thing about what it's going to be like out there this afternoon.

I'll be inside, watching the ballgame, doing a little sewing, sitting in my new chair.

And listening to Stephen King's latest book. I'm no a fan of his supernatural stuff but he can sure tell a story. And his latest will probably have some supernatural in it but it enough that I don't care. PLUS, this book is 18 hours long which I love. The prospect of diving into a tale and not having to come out for hours and hours is very appealing.

I think I'll go tackle that bag I was making/fucking up/making/fucking up on Friday. Maybe it just needed a rest.
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