Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My current romantic relationship

I'm in love with my new chair. Hahahaha no, really, I am.

I think I need a new table to go along side of it - it needs to be higher and have more surface area. I wasted hours today shopping online. I found a couple that might do. But none that made me Add to Cart.

Not critical. This is something I can keep an eye out for. If I find the perfect piece, yeah. If not, the one I have will work til then.

The first pair of pants that I made have a small hole in them. They have lasted way longer than I thought they would. I will mend the hole and no one will ever know and they can possibly last twice as long. Making my own clothes is so enormously satisfying.

Baseball game watching and sock knitting... in my new chair.
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