Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Instant Pot ism

My first rice was good. Tonight I ordered Mongolian beef from my favorite Amazon Prime place. Turns out they no longer have a $35 minimum so I only needed to order one serving. That's two full meals for me so win. I put the rice in to cook afterward I placed the order. Should have done it before I placed the order but no biggie.

This time, the rice was fabulous. I mean really really really good. I made a bunch. Tomorrow I'll make some tuna rice salad and then freeze the rest in single servings. I'm very Instant Pot delighted tonight. (My old rice cooker only made 2 cups of rice at a time and that took an hour and it was a bitch to clean.)

The Mongolian beef was way better and easier all around than what I made so totally the way to go.

Delish. And I have Chunky Monkey for dessert. Life is excellent.
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