Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Romantic Relationships Part The Deux

Before we get on with the festivities, I feel like I need a disclaimer. Relationships, especially romantic ones are not my forte. I'm not good at them. In fact, I'm mostly very bad at them. I've done a whole lot of romantic relationship things of which I am not even minutely proud. So the rest of this tail has no heroine. Her victims might need some sympathy.

We had a month off from school. I wrote up a proposal for a reporter internship at the Wheeling newspaper in return for 2 college credits. The college bought my proposal and the newspaper eagerly snapped up a free reporter. It was a great gig. I lived in a very very very seedy hotel in downtown Wheeling, WVa. I was a grownup!! And free. And on my own. And giddy with it all.

It was the end of the Free Love 60's and I had yet to cash in. So I got to work. I picked out the guy - John. He was a couple of years older me in years and a few years younger in everything else. An easy mark. He looked and carried himself like a high school history teacher out to change the world. I literally wooed him. It was not difficult. It took a couple of dates but finally I landed him in the sack. We both pretended it was awesome and I hustled him out the door and did my best to clean up the mess.

The deed was done. I was no longer a virgin. Whew. But, WTF? I was not impressed and still pretty clueless - that was it? That was what the fuss was about? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(I saved us both from future torture by not making him go out with me any more. He quickly found a real girlfriend who he married about a year later in the most purple wedding I ever saw in real life or pictures ever in my life.)

The next relationship was a Wheeling cop who was so sweet and so nice. We dated for about a year kind of off and on. His name was Greg. I moved to South Carolina. He didn't.

My years in South Carolina were years of trying relationship things. My job (newspaper reporter still) put me in contact with a whole lot of different people. There was one guy who's best friend dated a friend of mine so the four of us were a thing for a while. It was great fun. I do not remember his name but I do remember two things about him.

1. He gave me my first orgasm. I didn't tell him. I had already faked one so it would have seemed like overkill but it was a nice little revelation to me.
2. One Summer evening, we were in bed in my bedroom in afterglow when a thunderstorm hit. I had windows on perpendicular walls. While we watched, a bolt of lightning came in one and went out the other. It was amazing. And terrifying. And he refused to sleep in my bed ever again.

I had two other Romantic Relationships of note in South Carolina that ran concurrently. One was with a nuclear scientist who worked at the Savannah River Plant and the other was with a state senator who made most of his income playing backgammon. That was a very interesting year. Very interesting. At one point, the scientist was being considered for an appointment to the Atomic Energy Commission and the FBI (Secret Service?) were all over me for a month as part of his vetting process. It was a very unnerving few weeks. And the Senator reacted very badly.

Shortly thereafter, really, honestly, coincidentally, I took a job with IBM and moved to the other end of the state. The scientist moved to Washington and I totally lost track of him. The Senator had a plane so he gave the relationship a try with frequent visits but it fizzled on its own.

Next up was when I then lived in North Carolina supporting myself as a seamstress. There were 4 relationships of note there. One was Gene - a furniture restorer. We were so incompatible, it was hilarious. But, carried on via inertia for a while. It was weird. But to this day, one whiff of stain or varnish and I think of him. I think he met a girl from the Pacific Northwest and moved out here years ago. But I don't even remember why I think that.

After him was a guy who had custody of his 10 year old son. Again, we had nothing in common, but he was nice. My parents came to visit and got one peak at him and just gave up on me instantly. Not that they had had much hope for years that I was going to do the right thing, get married and have kids and be normal.They sure did not want me to marry him so they just stepped aside quietly and probably with their fingers crossed. I finally had enough of his kid so the relationship just broke.

Next up was my future husband. Already, victory is obviously not in the cards

to be continued...
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