Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My coffee issue - running out before the next Amazon shipment - was totally resolved today when Amazon delivered 5 days early! I'll bet Alexa read this journal and told them about the problem. Whatever. Thank you to whoever came to the coffee rescue. Whew.

When my brother was here I was explaining that I kept my old Nexus 6P as a backup. If something happened to my Pixel 2, I could just use the Nexus 6P. Except then I realized that my Pixel 2 uses an e-sim that is part of the phone. If the phone broke, I couldn't just pop it out. If the phone got lost or stolen, I'd still be screwed. My phone number is with Project Fi so I researched and discovered that I could get a real sim for free. So I ordered one. It should be here today. Now I really will be able to use my 6P if I need o. Whew.

On my calendar today is an entry that says "Document Flu Shot" That's all. No other clues. And I have no idea what it means. None. So, it's probably not going to happen. Whatever 'it' is.

Last night's wallet making class was fun and interesting. The instructor was the shop owner who is really nice. It was a fun atmosphere and it's definitely fun to sew where everything is the right height, you have any and every exact tool you need a your fingertips, and you don't have to worry about making a mess. The wallet I made is cute but useless because the pattern sucked. However, I picked up some great tips and tricks. And, today, I will make one that is the right size for me exactly like I want it to be. Nice.

Now Zoey is back to eating dry kibble like it's the best thing in the world and only nibbling at her wet food. Fucking with me foodwise must give her so much pleasure. At least this latest turn of events is cheaper than recently. And I'm really loving the move of the dry kibble from the floor to the countertop. My back is loving it, too.

There's no baseball game today and it's another hot one so no going outside today. But, there is plenty here to keep me entertained an occupied and it's nice and cool in here.
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