Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Just the usual

Some swims are just mindless back and forth. Some swims are working swims. Today's was a working swim.

First off, I noodled out how to add an extra pocket to my new handbag. And then how I might attach the straps and how to test my idea first.

Then I moved on to the questions asked here yesterday that I will be answering in future entries. I reviewed/remembered romantic relationships. Then I walked myself back through all the pets in my life. And my first job and how it felt to work it.

In the last 15 or so minutes of my swim, I went back to the handbag and hit on a better way/place to add that pocket.

It was a very very productive swim.

The Mariners play a day game today. The TV broadcast of the game is one of those stupid Facebook only games. Even if I would lower my inflated standards to join Facebook, who the fuck wants to watch a baseball game on a social media sight???? I pay a gynormous cable TV bill every month so I can watch Mariner games on my TiVo - like God intended - with delayed start, ff through commercials and replay on my 55" screen. Not on Facebook. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

So, radio. You have no reply, and no way to skip through the commercials for which, they so nicely, raise THE AUDIO VOLUME each and every time. GRRRRR squared.

Plus, the Mariners had such a fun first half. Which makes this downhill slide even more tragic. If we had had a normal Mariner year - a few wins here and there but mostly not - accepting suckage at this point would be easy. We've done it ever year for the past 40. But, this time... it's a little more painful.

After we lose the ballgame, I am going over to the fabric shop, the one a couple of blocks from here - for a wallet class. I could make the one we're going to make without the class but I'm hoping to pick up some tips and tricks. Plus, I do like to support this shop. They piss me off about half the time but I keep trying.

I was just in the bathroom. There was an inch of water in a plastic water glass on the sink. Zoey tried to squeeze her face into the glass to get the water. She was unsuccessful. I watched while she knocked the glass over and then proceeded to lap the water up off the counter. WTF??? Her own water glass is full, BTW.

So the Seattle Police Department finally made their own lip sync offering and there's good news and bad. It is, hands down, the very best one I've seen. It shows the best of Seattle and plenty of it. And it's technically an amazing piece of work.

The bad news is that apparently, the Seattle Police Department does not know about YouTube. They put their video up on Facebook - where you must go to see it. You cannot replay it anywhere else. Way to spread the joy - not - SPD.

Here's the link to their stupid Facebook page.

Here's nice piece the local NBC affiliate did on the making of the video. At least they know about YouTube.

Time now to get to finishing up that new pocketbook.
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