Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

FAIL! but win win win

My Mongolian beef was inedible. And way too fiddly to make and made a mound of dirty dishes. It was just a total 100% pedal to the metal failure. I give up. I can easily order Mongolian Beef delivered and it's delicious and that's what I'm going to do from now on. I'll use the Instant Pot as a slow cooker and rice maker and maybe even other stuff. But today's adventure was just a bummer.

But... I fixed a TV problem in a very cool way. My new bedroom tv has legs too short to straddle the TiVo. Just last week, I put a garden kneeling mat that I used to use to sit my laptop on when the one I had got too hot, in the Goodwill bag. I retrieved it, cut it up, hot glued the bits together and then covered them. Problem solved with dinosaur fabric!!

IMG_20180722_121058 MVIMG_20180722_122759

I finished a pair of socks.


The Mariners shut out Chicago and so won the series. Whew.

I made rice in the Instant Pot just because and it was quick (way quicker than my rice maker which is 1. slow as Christmas and 2. a bitch to clean) and required no fiddling at all. It turned out fine and dandy. I thought I made a lot but the pot could have handled double. I didn't eat a lof of it, though. I'll fridge it tonight and put it in the freezer tomorrow. And the Instant Pot is satisfyingly easy to clean.

I'm not a huge cooking show fan but I am enjoying the new Girl Meets Farm. I like her style and her food.

The Amazon driver with my adapter for my Chromebit is 'in the 'hood' but it's too late now for me to mess with it. I learned a long time ago that my brain cells shut down about 4ish. I can push them to about 5:30 but after that, I am a certified idiot good only for watching TV and knitting.

Tomorrow will be soon enough to play with it. I've got nothing else on my agenda after swimming so that will be the perfect time.
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