Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The adapter life

My latest tech project is setting up a Chromebit on one of my living room monitors. I had it hooked up to an ancient chromebook that never really functioned well when it was new but now only goes an hour or so before it needs a reboot. And I want a continuous slide show on this monitor when I'm not using it for stuff.

BUT of course, the monitor is old and has no HDMI port so it needs a VGA to HDMI cable which I actually have. BUT the cable is a male HDMI and the Chromebit has a male HDMI plug and c'est ne gay pas. So I need a female to female HDMI adapter.

I probably have 4,879 adapter's in this house. I have USB adapters - mini, micro, printer, C, A, male, female in probably every color. I have DVI, VGA, even parallel adapters. Hell, probably somewhere I have a cat to dog adpater. But, do I have a female to female HDMI? OR a VGA to female HDMI. I do not. ARUGH

Amazon will bring me both today but 1. more money and 2. more adapters that will get lost or not be the ones I need next time. ARUGH.

Last night's baseball game was full to the gills of very frustrating baseball. BUT, Julie's brother (of Erica and Julie who own the seats next to mine) and his wife had their seats last night. I was sitting there by myself watch batting practice when this really friendly looking couple starts down my aisle exclaiming in delight "You must be SUSAN!!!" They were just fabulous fun. I totally forgot to ask where Julie and Erica were. I am doubly sorry the game sucked on their account. Jeff, particularly, really really wanted to see Eddie Diaz. Diaz is our closer who only pitches the 9th inning and only when we are winning. We never got close. But Jeff and Jan stayed the entire game and were just the funnest seatmates.

This morning it is heating up but my air conditioner is fine with that. It's really turned out better than I had hoped. I even went against my rule and bought an extended service contract for it. It was cheap (so probably worth less) but I feel better with a little insurance. One trick I love is being able to monitor it from anywhere. It turns off during the night if things cool down enough and I can leave it that way and crank it up again before I leave the gym to ensure the house is comfy when I get home.

I finished up that stupid crochet test and I think I'm done with testing patterns for a while. The deal is you get a free pattern for doing the test but, these pattern writers don't quite grasp that when you ask for feedback, it might be just shy of YouAreAGenius. Plus, while I'm now pretty good at reading crochet instructions and very good at reading knitting instructions, I am a 100% fail at reading the mind of the pattern maker. Sorry.

Today I'm going to try Mongolian Beef in my Instant Pot. I'm shooting for one perfect serving. I plan to measure and mix carefully so that if it turns out I can replicate in a big multi-meal batch.

I just calculated that my Amazon Subscribe and Save k-cup coffee order is going to arrive 2 days after I run out. This could be a problem. I have a week and a half to noodle it out.

My plan to cut back on my COPD inhaler might not be working. This morning, my breathing, for just a few minutes, felt like it used to before the inhaler. I'm going to give it a few more days and then, if I feel that again, I'll bite the bullet and pay the piper, er, pharmacist.

I have a half dozen little chores that I want to get done around the house. My plan today is to get them all done. Also, there's a game today. This time I'll be watching on TV. Maybe it won't be as painful. And CBS Sunday Morning... will Jane Pawley be on vacation again this Sunday? That woman must have the sweetest contract in all of TV.

Ok, my drippy swimsuit needs hanging up. Time to get to it.
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