Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

56 Minutes. I'm kind of impressed.

I got an email this morning from Spotify saying they had changed my email address.

Your previous email address was:
It's now:


I checked, and, sure enough, I was totally locked out of my account. I sent them a NO NO NO NO NO email and then proceeded to find the latest charge to my credit card so I could tell the credit card company not to pay them.

I couldn't find a charge.... hmmmm Not on my Discover and not on my Visa... off to Mint. Ok, there's one on May 17. Visa. BUT, that's the only charge. I remember that right after that charge, I switched it to Discover but, apparently, they never charged my Discover Card. Weird.

Then I got an email reply saying they had locked the account while they investigated and they asked me for screenshots of my earliest receipt and bank evidence that I had paid it. Since I only had one bill/payment, it was easy to find and I sent it.

I heard back soon saying that I needed to change my password and start up my premium account again. I changed the password and hit 'renew' and there was my Discover card so at least I remembered that correctly.

Anyway... 56 minutes from their original 'we changed the email on your account' email to fix... on a Saturday morning. Not too shabby. Of course, they could have not broken it in the first place. Wonder how come they didn't charge me for two months?
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