Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

You looking for a pep talk or just sympathy?

I sent an email to my financial advisor and my cpa to ask them to think about how we plan for this giant tax gouge. My cpa had no tricks up his sleeve and even shared that real estate taxes over $10,000 aren't even deductible any more. But then Tyler, my financial advisor called and he said "Well, at this point are you looking for a pep talk or just sympathy?" I love this guy. He already had a plan in mind. But he did ask, for the first time, "Have you considered living somewhere else?" UGH.

Plus, I think the window on the sell-for-a-fortune option is closing. There are two units in the building for sale and both have been on the market for more than two weeks. For the past two years or more, units have offers within a week of hitting the market. Feels like the market is cooling. Even if it is, it will be years and years before the taxes cool. Sigh. I don't want to move anyway.

(The reality is that I can afford it. It's just such a shock. I'm very lucky. I'm not sure some of my neighbors actually can afford it. On the bright side, there are several of my neighbors who I can see hiring a lawyer to fight the assessment. So... fingers crossed?)

But I will say this has put the chair project in perspective. There is a chair on sale at Costco - at least some Costco's - that will work fine. Tomorrow I'm going to go check at my Costco. If they don't have it or I don't like it, I think I can just abandon the project for now.

My new bedroom TV finally got here and I love it. It's so simple to set up and operate. TCL really has nailed it in looks, price, set up and operation.

Still no baseball. It's back tomorrow. I think I'll Code Black and British Bake Off along with Jeopardy, of course.

Oh and the Amazon employee event is tonight. The musical entertainment spent the afternoon doing sound checks. The crowds are showing up now. It looks like they are going to fill up the stadium, the event center and the front lawn of the stadium. Still, not as big a deal as their annual family event - that's all the people who are here tonight plus their kids. It's usually on a Saturday and a Sunday.

I think tonight is the night I bought that emergency Chunky Monkey for.
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