Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Holy crap on a stick

I got the latest tax assessment for my condo today and the news sucks. Big time.

Here's the history of taxes on my condo since it was condo-ized. (It was an old railroad warehouse and I am the first owner of this condo. We got 100% tax relief for the first few years since it's an historic property.) I don't know what happen to the 2008 data. Weird.

Here's the short history of my tax bills.

My assessment has gone up 80.2%. (EDITED LATER: My math was broken. The assessment is up 25% not 80) My tax bill for last year (paid this year) was $4532. 80.2% of that is $3635. Add that to last year's bill and my taxes for this year (paid next year) will be $8167. Or $680 a month.

Can I hear a very loud WTF?????? AND that's ONLY if they do not raise taxes. And, of course, they will raise taxes. They always do.

Oh and if the city gets its way, I'll get an additional bill for living in this neighborhood to pay for the waterfront improvement. Currently they are saying that bill will be $3,600. So the property taxes for this condo next year will be $11,767 which comes out to $981 a month. That's the minimum. It will be more.  It's a damn good thing I do not have a mortgage. I've been joking about not being able to afford to live here but this is getting seriously close to no joke!

My only hope is that I'm totally misunderstanding the numbers and or my maths are broken. I hope hope hope.

On the bright side, the TV which now I should probably send back so I can save the sheckles... is closer to moi.
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