Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Delivery Day

Amazon's Prime Day means Thursday is UPS Day. I'm guessing that many of our buddies in brown are less than pleased at all the extra packages. Or greatful for continued employment. Also Amazon's delivery team. Amazon added new icons to its own delivery service maps. I do love watching the truck wing its way to my house.

UPS has an equally fun map but, while I am getting a package from them today, their map for my delivery isn't up yet.

Even with these fun deliveries happening today, I'm still obsessed with this seating issue. I killed way too many hours last night Googling 'chair and a half' in a million variations. There used to be a furniture store in a neighborhood north of here (Ballard) that carried a lot of mid century modern and other modern stuff. But, they also had off the wall wonderful stuff. It's where I bought the seat my ass is in now.

See that table on the side? I can remove it, slide the seat to the other side and put it there just below that little table that sticks up which I can replace with an arm. Also, that table that can go on either side? I can replace it with one of the bolsters in the ottoman. The options are endless. Plus it's easy to sit on and get up out of.


I fell in love with this the minute I saw it and there were 3 more similar amazingly different and wonderful pieces in the store at the same time. Sadly, that store is no more. And I can't find its progeny. There is a Scan Design in a suburb north of here. Their website kind of looks like it might have a possibility or two.

I've poured over Wayfair and Overstock and also dug around for 'returned large pieces because I didn't like them' stories. I haven't really gotten a satisfactory bead on the situation. Plus, there's nothing there I love love love love.

I think I need to just take a breath and forget about it for a while. I just don't seem capable of doing that.

It's another lovely, cloudy morning. It looks like the Amazon employee event went well. They had all of the entry stuff and tents still up this morning but there's nothing happening today so plenty of time to get to it all.

Today I need to plan out some sewing projects. I'm taking a class next week on wallet making and I need to pick out some fabrics. Also I think it's time for a new pocket book. The sewing room is the farthest from the air conditioner so it gets a little warm. But if I'm organized, I can do a little sewing, come out and cool off and then go back in, etc.

Also, today the new TV arrives so I'll need to set that up. Since it's just exactly a smaller version of the living room one, it's not going to be a BFD. But, I'm excited to have a TV in there that isn't a PIA to operate.

OHHHHH my package is getting closer!

Maybe I'll go get dressed so I'll be ready when it gets here.
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