Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The housecleaner was happy to get the other TV as well. So, yeah. She didn't want the sofa but Barrie said Salvation Army will pick up. They didn't used to pick up from locations downtown but, apparently, they have changed their tune. They have a scheduler online. Their first available was August 2 so that's what I picked. Yeah!!

Zoey's going to miss those big, fat arms. This is her now.


Barrie also suggested a consignment shop that I had forgotten about. Barrie and her husband have a house full of gorgeous and creative/inventive pieces of furniture. So I grilled her. After our breakfast I went to that consignment shop. They did, indeed, have some very cool shit but nothing that fits my current problem. Their website, however, has a wishlist so I added my wish.

West Elm has a couple of not terrible options that might even scootch past ok to good. I need to go sit on them but their timeline, price and fabric colors are better than anyone else's. The store is located in the middle of Amazon/Google/Facebook offices/dwellings so I'm pretty sure their clientele is not fat old retired ladies. I need to adjust my attitude and expectations before I got waltzing in there. And probably break out the bullhorn since I'm sure I will be invisible to them.

My house is clean again. And my scheme of turning on the A/C after the housecleaner left worked perfectly. I checked the camera from the restaurant and saw her turn out the lights and leave. Then I just hit 'power on' from the A/C app and when I got home all was cool. Very cool (hahahha I see what I did there.)

Next up is crochet. I promised to test a pattern so I should get to it.
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