Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

STOP! You do not need that!!

Already, I'm sucked into Amazon's Prime Day and it has not even actually started yet! isn't helping. But, I did find two movies I want to see will be marked down to $2 and I will be needing some watching stuff this week with no baseball so ... yeah? Amazon has had my number for years now. I don't know why I even try to fight it.

There's a woman who sometimes swims at the gym pool. She has a service dog. A gynormous Saint Bernard. She brings him into the pool room and makes him lie by the side of the pool. I'm not a fastidious person. Hell, half the time my dinner plate has a cat hair on it. But, dog hair in a pool? No thank you. The air conditioner in the pool room has been broken now for a week and a half. So she brings that huge hairy dog into the pool area while she's in the nice, cool water and he's sitting there in a very hot and humid room with a big fur coat on. The last time she was there, she opened the door to the outside and propped it open, presumably for his comfort. Meanwhile, any yahoo off the street could just waltz right into the gym/pool.

She tried it again today and hell no. I asked her very politely NOT to prop the door open. She pushed back and I pushed forward and finally she asked 'well, when will you be done?' In another 45 minutes. She swam, he panted, for another 20 minutes and then they left. On the way out I stopped by the front desk and asked about their policy on that door. The front desk woman said that if you opened that door an alarm would go off. I allowed as how, not so much. She said she would look into it. I am so glad I am not that girl's Saint Bernard.

But even more annoying are two large skin tags under my arm that are driving me crazy. I tried to freeze them off (with wart freezer stuff) and that just pissed them off. They will fall off eventually but between now and then I hate being old. Not really. I hate old skin. Skin tags are just ridiculous - ugly and useless. It's the universe's fuck you.

This heat is also a fuck you. I heard on NPR about how being hot makes you stupid. (I'm paraphrasing.) I've been saying that for years but now there is data. I do not like being stupid.

Things I might do today...

I absolutely will fill a bag for Goodwill and/or throwing away. This is my Get-Rid-Of-One-Bag-O'-Stuff-Every-Monday project. So far, the project is going swimmingly. Today's bag is already half full.

I might (probably will) finally sew up that swimsuit I've been saying I will for days now.

I might (???) walk up the street to the fabric store. I signed up for a class next week on making a special wallet and I want to buy the needed supplies from them. I could get them from Amazon but, at least for this, I'd way rather give the biz to the sewing shop. However they don't open until 10 and by that time it might be too hot. It does not have to happen today.

I might make some breakfast burritos. I ate the last one this morning. But, I won't need another til Wednesday so I might wait, too.

Tomorrow I'll stop on the way home from the pool (after treating myself to a McDonald's sausage biscuit) and drop the car off for air conditioning fixing.

Wednesday, I'm meeting my friend, Barrie, for brunch. We were supposed to do this a couple of weeks ago but she had to babysit her granddaughter so we postponed. The house cleaner will be cleaning while I'm gone. It's been three weeks this time and it shows. It will be nice to be spic and span again.

Time now for more coffee, thanks.
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