Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I don wanna

I had planned to sew up my new swimsuit today but I just made an executive decision to blow that off. It will be there tomorrow. My ass needs to sit down in front of the air conditioner. I stopped at the grocery store after my swim.

Then I got home and filled the crock pot with mongolian beef and my jar with quick refrigerator pickles. And then I cleaned up the mess. And now I'm pooped. I hope that both turn out great. I have good hope for the pickles, but the beef is a real question mark. I'll know in 4 more hours.

I think I'll wallow away the afternoon with TV and yarn.

Last night, NBC news had a throw away piece about police lip sync battles. I did a search on You Tube and very nearly never came back. It is a serious and delightful internet rabbit hole. There is one and then another and then another and they are such fun that it is hard to stop. I did but I'm going back as soon as I finish this entry so if this is the last live journal entry that is why.

I'm going to replace my perfectly functioning bedroom TV. I'm going to get another TCL Roku but way smaller than the living room one. I just like the way it operates so much better than the one that I have now. It's not that old and it has a built in DVD player but after living with my TCL now for a couple of weeks, the bedroom one now seems like an old dog that can't learn new tricks. I'm going to wait until Amazon's July sale and hope they reduce the price but if they don't, I'll probably get it anyway.

And I need a new couch. Buh bye money.

Ok, I've interrupted this entry a jillion times. I need to watch some more singing police officers.
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