Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Invisible me

The first time it happened to me was way back in the early 90's. I was in Seattle in one of the first ever computer stores. I wanted to buy a fancy piano keyboard that I could hook up to my computer. I'd done all the research and I had the $300. The keyboards were stacked on an end cap. I had a couple of questions but I was ready to buy. There was a passel of young boy nerds in store shirts roaming around helping people so I waited my turn there by the stack. And waited and waited. A new crop of customers came and went and I waited. They could not see me. I was invisible to them.

I never bought that keyboard. Or shopped at that store again.

Since then, it's happened a lot and more and more the older I get. My brother has seen it happen but never as clearly as yesterday.

We went to the new(ish) Starbucks Reserve store. Fancy dancy and not too busy. We stepped up to the counter and a mid-20's woman engaged my brother in a semi-lengthy conversation about what kind of coffee he wanted. I was standing next to him, our shoulders nearly touching the whole time. She recommended, he asked questions, she answered. Finally they decided on the perfect coffee for him, he paid, she said "Thank you. You can pick up your coffee over there at that counter." She pointed and then added "enjoy!" and walked away. Never once even looking at me, much less checking to see if I wanted anything. It was so blatant and obvious that both of us were just shocked I was invisible.

We also went to the new(ish) Amazon Go store. That's the store where you walk in, get what you want and walk out. No cashier, no nuthin. It was exceedingly cool. You have an app on your phone and you scan the code on it and then just pull whatever you want off the shelves. And you walk out of the store. In about 15 minutes a receipt for your purchases pops up on your phone. It's very cool. The merchandise is a very high end quick stop place. They did have some meals, prepped ready to heat. Lots of sandwiches and snacks and desserts and a few staples. It was nice and pricey but pretty high quality, too, and amazingly fun.

We went to dinner at Poppy. It's been on my list for years. It's always on the list of places the chefs go in Seattle when they want a treat. Chef Anita used to sing its praises a lot. I tried to go once and they were closed for a special event. I tried to go again and they were closed for holiday. Finally, last night, they were open and we went. And I do not have to do that again. They had eggplant fries which were delicious except they drizzled them with honey which wasn't necessary. My brother said his salmon was good. My duck was struggling to get to mediocre. The service started off fine but then she forgot about us. We decided on dessert but lost interest waiting for her to come back and take the order. So we paid and split. It's a tip included restaurant so I did not have to struggle about letting her know via tip amount. I'll just let them know by never going back. That will teach 'em.

Today, after the world cup match, we're going to head north. I have a fun late lunch stop planned and then we'll slowly make our way to Everett to the Aqua Sox ballpark. The game starts at 7 BUT the rush hour traffic from here to there goes from about 2-8pm so we'll just get there way too early and deal. It will be fine. And fun.
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