Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I do love my morning swims but this morning was way better than most. It was effortless and way more comfortable than exercise should be. It's just the very best way to start the day.

I thought our condo home owners meeting was last Monday but I was wrong. It's tonight and the agenda is full of potentially juicy items. Not the least of which is the fire from last week or the week before. Apparently several units got damaged. I would break my vow to stop going to those meetings but, I'm saved tonight by my brother's being here. He'd happily sit up here and entertain himself if I really wanted to go but I think it's better for everyone if I don't. I'll find out what I need to know in due time.

It's getting warmer and warmer but there are still cool pockets. One glorious thing about this time of year here in the Pacific Northwest is that you can fry yourself in the sun, OR take two steps over to the shade and be perfectly comfortable. When I was growing up in the South, shade was just a darker kind of hot. Here, it really is lovely. Even the shade will get hotter in a few weeks but I'm enjoying now.

I'm not sure what is on tap for today. My brother plans to take my sister-in-law to a bus that will carry her to the ferry that will take her to my sister's house. Then my brother and I will be on our own til Thursday when she comes back and Friday morning they fly back to Texas. If the bus thing hit's no snags, my brother and I will fill in with errands, chores and just hangin' out. If the sister visit hits a snag, we'll have to redraw the agenda.
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