Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Squid Swap

About 3 years ago, actually maybe more, I picked up this adorable swim bag on sale at a local drugstore. I fell in love with it. And, since I use and depend on a good swim bag every day, I went right back and bought 2 more for backup. ($4 each).

I've noticed that the original is slowly wearing down. And today, I investigated and it's pretty disgusting. Time to swim on to the big pool hook in the sky and anoint one of the backups to carry on the work. So that's today's assignment. I need to sew a shoulder strap onto the new one and it will be good to go for tomorrow's swim.


I'm so grateful, I got those backups and even more grateful that I remembered where I put them. I do love this bag. It's adorable and the perfect size with the perfect number of pockets. Here's to three more years - or more!

Also today I need to dismantle Zoey's hammock thing. She's shredded the posts so they look like crap. I think I can salvage the stand and the brush that she likes. She has another scratching post. And the hammock takes up too much room anyway.

Tonight is a Diamond Club night for me. It should be a very comfortable one temperature wise. It's my last in person game before the all star break.
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