Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nothing like a holiday to clear out the peops

The gym was deserted. Even my car whined about being lonely in the parking lot. The robot was not on duty. The traffic was totally missing. I suspect tomorrow will be more of the same.

When I was a kid in North Carolina, July 4 marked the very middle of Summer. We were sun baked by then. We didn't have Memorial Day in the South. Easter started pre-Summer. And Summer started soon after (depending on how late or early Easter was). But July 4 was the middle and Labor Day was the end. Here in Seattle, July 5 is touted as the beginning of Summer or the beginning of the really hot weather anyway. When I first moved here Labor Day saw an end to that. Now it's usually a couple of weeks after Labor Day when the temperatures drop. Long, hot Summers are not my thing. So today I start the countdown towards mid-September and relief.

But, meanwhile, here in the real world, it's still a lovely cool morning. The sun is coming up so that won't last long but at least it's here now. And I'm grateful.

I got two chive plants last weekend and potted them together and left them outside on the terrace. They got happy fast. Last night I cut the tops off for my dinner and this morning one of them has already sprouted two inches over the rest. I have a successful chive farm!! I don't really like or use many other herbs but I do love chives on lots of stuff so I'm quite jazzed about this.

I just saw where a woman in Texas shot a guy who attempted to hijack her car with her kids in it. I predict this woman will become the patron saint of the NRA and her act will insure that everyone in this country who wants to will be able to carry and wield whatever gun they want where ever they want whenever they want for centuries to come. Thoughts and prayers will abound. Sigh.

Today is errand day. Mainly I need to go to the post office. I need to weigh a package to compare to the flat rate shipping. This means I cannot use the little post office up the street - they don't have a self serve mail scale. I'll need to get in the car which means I'll need to stop at Grocery Outlet because it's right there. I need to buy a little scale.
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