Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Peace and quiet

I am in my living room with the door to the terrace open and it is lovely and quiet. Well, city quiet. Not nature quiet. One of my pet peeves (of which there are, decidedly, many) is people who buy a home in the middle of the city and then bitch about noise. It's very surprising to me how many of these fools there are.

The latest go-round are garbage trucks. The big ones that empty the dumpsters. Because we live in the middle of town, they, smartly, do their jobs when there is less chance of their holding up traffic. It is not possible or practical to empty a giant dumpster quietly.

Ohhhh the outrage. Really. It's ridiculous. Petitions to the city. Threats to sue the garbage collectors. Whining and moaning and bitching loudly and stupidly. We are surrounded by nice, quiet suburbs where garbage trucks are smaller and more quiet and come in the middle of the day. Right now, these condos are selling like hot cakes. Connect the dots, you idiots, and go find your quiet elsewhere.

Ok, so there's my little rant du jour.

The pool was quite populated this morning with people I've not seen before. It was nice to have the company. I remembered to to go the ATM which is a half block from the gym to get my cash for the month. Since my ATM got disappeared, it takes more of an effort. But the ATM by the pool is one of those fancy ones that lets you chose $100 bills. I like choice.

Then on to the 24 hour self serve postal kiosk. I need some of their flat rate packages and I wanted to weigh a mailing. Well, turns out, last March they ended the 24 hour-ness of the self serve. They forgot to tell the website. Grrrrrr Oh well. No biggie.

No plans today outside of the baseball game and just regular stuff. And enjoying the city quiet.
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