Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Working ahead!

I finished up the second shirt (another winner) and had some lunch and looked at tomorrow weather to discover it will be warmer tomorrow. So... I decided to strike while it was cool.

Plus, I remembered that next Monday my brother will be here. He's not coming to visit to watch me cull my shit.

I did two closets out on the terrace. Not completely but pretty freakin close. There were a couple of show stoppers. I started sneezing uncontrollably. Honestly, I'd rather sneeze without stopping than suffer one of my coughing fits so I was ok with that and the sneezing stopped shortly after I quit screwing around with dusty stuff. But I also stopped because I was getting passed doable.

I filled up my wheelie cart and then some.


Zoey took on the role of inspector. This was just the Goodwill portion. There is another bag full of stuff for the dumpster. I figured any more than this pack maneuvering down to the garage and then getting the car loaded was enough fun for one day so I stopped. And made the Goodwill run. When I got back, as I pulled into the garage, I remembered I had totally forgotten to pile on the stuff I collected last night! GRRRRRR. Maybe I'll make a special trip Thursday or Friday.

But, for now, I have empty shelves outside which is wonderful and luxurious. Now I'm going to collect up the bag o' garbage and the kitchen garbage and make a run down to the dumpster and then I'm going to settle my large ass into my TV watching chair and do nothing for a bit.
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