Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sewing success

Last week, I bought a new pattern for a slouchy t-shirt. I cut it out of fabric I didn't care about to test it. I sewed it up this morning and turns out it was not anything like what I expected. And not wearable BUT... it had some very redeeming features.

So I went back at the patten and changed the shoulder fit, the bustline, the sleeves and the bottom and added pockets and made the new version and I love it. It fits me better and more comfortably than anything else I've ever made!


I already cut out the fabric for another one. This time I used up 4 different fabric bits I'd been hanging onto for no good reason except maybe there was a good reason!

Now I am going to finish up that Hugh Grant thing on Amazon. He's old - and in this he's an old queen... but I still have a thing for him.
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