Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Forgive me. I am a topper offer...

In the 70's, we had a massive gas shortage in this country. Gas was cheap. I could go for days on $1.00's worth but getting that $1's worth was often tricky. Gas station lines wove around town. In some places it was illegal to top off your tank. Pulling into a station for less than 3 gallons was not allowed in most places and really frowned upon in others.

Once gas was plentiful again, no one cared about topping off. I started and I can't stop. My car rarely gets below a half a tank. Most of my battery run electronics stay plugged in most of the time. I charge my phone every night.

The two things that stay in jeopardy are my swimming music player and my fitness watch. I actually keep a charged up spare swimming music player. It's the one I used to use before I upgraded.

But, I forgot to top off my watch yesterday. I meant to but I forgot and it was beyond the top off point. So this morning I woke up and it had 18% battery left. I was pretty sure it would last through my swim but not so sure at the same time. Turns out... tracking my swim takes 5% of battery! Good to know. And yeah for not swimming for free.

I also downloaded a new playlist on Spotify for swimming. I sucked. I can stop and change playlists but it very difficult to do on the teensy weensy screen with wet fingers and I didn't wanna. So I listened to an hour of the Beach Boys Pet album done by an acapella group. Don't. Seriously. And I even wonder why they did.

It's a fabulously cool morning with a lovely breeze. 57 degrees out at 7:40. I see about how hot it is in the rest of the country and I am grateful cubed. We soon will get hot weather and it will be miserable but it won't be that hot or that miserable and it will be gone in about 10 weeks.

Today is free for whatever. The only thing on the calendar is the HOA meeting tonight which I plan on skipping. The last couple have pissed me off and netted me nothing worthwhile. Life's too short, as they say.

I have some sewing to do and TV to watch and knitting and crocheting and a book to read. I've got plenty to keep me from becoming a public nuisance.
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