Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Water Day

The plumber is promised to be here between noon and 2. My fingers are crossed that he will have it fixed in 5 minutes and be apologizing for having to charge for an hour. I will be happy to have it fixed and not only have water in the kitchen again BUT also be able to get all the crap off the hall floor and put everything back where it belongs.


I tried a new (to me) frozen dinner thing last night. Turns out Smart Choice is not a smart choice for me. Happily, I had some Stouffers options in the freezer as well. I'm a Stouffer's girl all the way. Sadly, Stouffers is losing freezer real estate in the stores these days to healthy, tasteless choices. If I wanted to eat healthily which I absolutely care nothing about, I sure wouldn't be going to the freezer section for processed choices. Grrrrrrr

Outside of plumbing, I'm not sure what's going to happen today. It doesn't feel like a sewing day. I should/might get out and take a walk around the neighborhood. I need to make a mini Costco run. I got some potatoes there last time that were just delicious and I want more. And today is really the last day that makes sense for three weeks. Holiday/weekend crowds make it not fun and then my brother is here... hmmm maybe I'll just go to Costco at 10 today when it opens. Hmmm. Good plan. I can park over by the gas pumps and so get a nice walk in as well as potatoes. And capers. I need to make a list.
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