Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Potatoe (political spelling) in the bathroom sink

Washing dishes in the bathroom is not just a counter real estate problem. That poor little drain wasn't made for dinner. I try to be careful about what sluices off but I finally unscrewed the stopper and found a bit of potato... Also a lot of yuck. So I took a stiff brush to it all and around the mouth of the drain and it's actually draining much nicer now. I have a better system so I think we're cool for the time being. At least for the next 24 hours.

In the elevator, I ran into a worker guy who's working on the unit across the hall. I came very close to asking if I could hire him to fix. But, I decided it wasn't nice to poach Doug and Renae's workers and I feel like tomorrow's guy really will show up and he's a real plumber so might as well get it done correctly.

I did, in fact, use up two pieces of fabric that I really thought I'd never find a use for and made some nice wide shorts/culottes. Simple with a pocket. They are super comfy. Problem solved.


Murphy's Law says those other shorts will show up before dinner. Speaking of which, I have a couple of nice freezer/microwave options or 13 Coins. A big part of my bathroom dish washing plan is to avoid having to do any dish washing!

Oh and I made 8 breakfast burritos. Only a pan and scraper needed to be washed there so yeah. My house cleaner has been bringing me fresh from the chicken eggs every time. A Dozen. Most of the dozen she brought yesterday were fresh from the grocery store. I love that 1. she's working to keep the egg commitment she made and 2. she thinks I wouldn't notice to store bought. I'm fine with the whole thing. I just think it's funny.

Game time.
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