Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm trying ...

Last night, I sent a note to the building manager, Jathan, asking him if, by chance, there were any plumbers, handy peops, contractors on site working on any of the units. I explained my sink situation and said I was looking to hire someone to dome look/fix. (All* vendors/workers/contractors are required to go through him to work in anyone's unit in the building.)

I told him in the note that 1. I'd turn the water off so the unit below mine was safe and 2. I had called Thom (the plumber that I and others in the building use often).

I got a response early this morning saying that if I could get a hold of Thom call Marco. And then an image was pasted with Marco's contact info.

I gave up on Thom at noon and called Marco except someone named Jerry answered. Then I googled Marco's company name and a company with no website, but a Yelp listing (no reviews) came up with an entirely different number. So I called Jathan. Who didn't answer. So I sent Jathan an email. And he called me (he NEVER responds via email EVER and, apparently, does not answer his phone when he sees it's me.) He said 'oh that phone number is wrong. here's the right one. I should fix that.' I have no idea what 'that' is and don't give a shit.

I called Marco who is out of town for 2 months. Yet another score for Jathan!! (And not in the Yeah column.)

* The condo rules say all work people have to register with the building manager. But, since Jathan got here last year, I have had work people in here 3 times. Each time I've asked him 'do I need to register?' and each time he's said no. So I quit asking. I do know that some work people do register cause they get little work badges. I just don't understand the formula. Nor do I give a shit.

So Task Rabbit. I have used Task Rabbit a couple of times successfully over the years but then they changed the site so that it was impossible to figure out. Then IKEA bought them. But this time I was desperate so I tried again. Still not crazy about the site BUT I was able to find a handy man with lots of tasks completed and a 97% favorable rating who was available tomorrow at 9:30 for $60 an hour. I hired James B.

He asked for pix of the prob and I sent. He said he'd be here at 9:30. Done and whew.

The house cleaner was totally unfazed by no water in the kitchen. The house is all nicely clean and I have a dozen fresh-from-the-chicken eggs. I had a wonderful time at the Dollar Store. The Dollar Store just salves my soul. I spent $28 and had a blast doing it.

And then I went to Popeye's 8 pieces, dark meat only, mild (not spicy) and two biscuits. When I got home I had 3 drumsticks and a biscuit. And the rest is in the fridge. My soul is healed and is currently rejoicing in the future healing to come.

Oh and I even remembered to get gas.

I have paper plates and I got plastic utensils at the dollar store. I'm totally set. The baseball game starts at 4.
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