Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I think I was starving my cat!

First off, the cable guy came and replaced a cable and replugged down at the big box and got me more/strong signal. We'll see if that fixed it. It's fine now.

But, I've come to the realization that I think I have been starving Zoey.

Every since I through out those tiny kibble bits and filled her bowl with fresh, she's been a different cat. No more constantly begging and whining and carrying on. No more scarfing down the wet food. I think for whatever reason she was unable to eat those little bits and no telling how long they were the only thing in the bowl. I look at that bowl every day and it had food in it - covering the bottom so I thought there was not a problem.

But, last week she was so whiny needy hungry that I even went to the grocery store before my 5 am swim because I was out of the canned stuff. Ever since I fixed the dried kibble situation, she's there chomping now and again all day long. She eats a little wet food but about 1/10th of what she ate before.

She comes over to nap here beside me but does not interrupt me like she did before. I really do think I was inadvertently starving her! So sorry, Zoey!!
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