Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another brother's visit lightbulb

My new living room happened because I thought 'hmmm when my brother gets here, I'm going to make him help me figure out a new/better arrangement'... and while I was considering what guidance to give him (I want to keep this here, don't care about that, etc). I came up with the plan that I then executed and I love it! And he doesn't even get here for two more weeks.

This morning, it happened again. I need a fabric library - as in physical library space for my fabric. I have some in one closet, some in another closet, some jammed into an armoire. In two different rooms. I need it consolidated and organized.

When my brother gets here, I'm going to challenge him to solution that - ha! (Yeah, I know, that's tacky verbing there.)

So, again thinking of the guidance... I want all fabric in one place, preferably in or near the sewing room but I do NOT want clutter. I want more empty space, not less. Shelves are obviously the answer but where would I put them? Wait... I have a hallway LINED with shelves! The shelves are mostly filled with tchotchkes. Some of the stuff is important to me but do I need it out always? Do I need all of it? Could I clear enough for fabric? The shelves are narrow but, heck, I can fold fabric to fit. OMG. I think I've solutioned this problem, too!

I need to clear off a bunch of the stuff and give the fabric a try but I'm jazzed by the idea. As soon as I finish my coffee, I'm on it.

I started the clearing off before I left for the pool. Then went swimming. Then had breakfast and now I'm having coffee and watching the start of the baseball game. So far, the cable service is fine and dandy.

This morning was cloudy and cool but the sun is out now and the Pride Parade will be very warm in the full sun. But starting tomorrow, we have a couple of weeks of blessedly not hot weather. Highs in the 60's and low 70's. Nice.
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