Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Still the thrill

I shared a room with my sister from the time I was a year and a half (when she was born) until I was 6. Once I got a room of my own, I learned the joy of creating my own space. Rearranging my room every 6 months or so happened through college and then some after. As my tastes and style and self realization got better and I got smarter, my room arrangements stabilized and I make only small changes these days.

Until yesterday. Changing my living room all around has given me all the delights of that it did growing up. A sense of new. A feeling of being in a different place. But with all the old familiar. Also, with each re-arrangment, there is cleaning and organizing and, usually, a paring down of stuff which is always a good thing. Today I don't have as much stuff within hand's reach. But, instead of annoying it's feel liberating. I was forced to move my indoor/outdoor thermometer up higher on the wall where it lives and, turns out, it works much better when it's higher. It apparently appreciates easier access to the outdoor beacon! I had to move the Echo up higher, too and it sounds better up there. I have more light because I got to eliminate that tall plant table in front of the window. There's just one treat after another.

I'm not sure this couch is as comfortable as I'd like to to be but there's a lot to like about it anyway so maybe I'll change my tune after I use it for a while. If not, no biggie. It was dirt cheap and I would not mind replacing it if it comes to that.

I did so much bending and pulling and pushing and stretching yesterday, I thought for sure I'd be really sore today, but... not at all. Go me.

timbear turned me onto Google shopping lists. "Hey Google, add xxx to my shopping list" works great!I mean really great. It's not as versatile as I'd like but it is dirt simple and I remember to add stuff. I thought he'd hit on the golden key ... until today. I was in my new favorite grocery store and remembered to check the list. No signal. I mean NO NONE ZIP. No data signal at all. No wifi. I mean that entire store is a blackout area. I finally managed to get the list by hanging out by the front door and getting a little pinhole of cell coverage. This is a massive slap in the face of a perfect answer. Sigh.

They did have a lot of good looking stuff in the deli case and I bought for a week of not turning the oven or stove on. Salads, cheeses, cold meats, pickles, cuke, pimento cheese. And some microwavable stuff. So I'm set for cool.

A glitch in my perfect life is my TV cable. All of a sudden it drops some channels - a handful of channels. The others are fine. But one of the ones in the handful is the HD channel for Mariner baseball. It happened once last week. And then last night. And, for a giggle, I just checked and right now I do not get that channel nor the HD Fox channel where today's game will be broadcast. Both times before it has come back on its own in an hour or two. So weird. Yesterday, both TiVo's had the problem. Today the bedroom one is fine. So it's clearly something on their end. I just called and the guy said that in his experience, these kinds of issues only get worse (great). He's sending someone out on Tuesday but, of course, it will not be broken then. They will check everything and declare victory and it will go out again on Wednesday. Fuck.

Nothing hot on the agenda today except that ballgame at 4. First up is firing up this spot cleaner and tackling the orange chair. No, wait, first up is washing the breakfast dishes. Then the orange chair.
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