Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Rewards for my hard work!

So... I sat here on the sofa looking at the change and it was not working for me. Then it hit me. I moved the former TV chair over and angled about 18". THEN... I remembered that that chair is modular. The table, now on the right, was on the left. And the little stick up table was in storage out on the terrace.

So I moved the table to the right and got the ladder to get to the stick up table. And... what did I find next to it???? A Bissell Spot Cleaner for rugs and upholstery!!!! I once had a cat who threw up 10 times a day. And I had a light taupe high pile carpet. It was a disaster. The spot cleaner got a lot of use. Then I got new carpet. This carpet hides everything. And, also, several years later, that cat died. And the cleaner got put far far away. Thankfully, I didn't put it away at Goodwill!

I googled and I can use regular white vinegar (of which I have plenty) for starters. Tomorrow, I'll put it to work on the orange chair. I have high hopes.

I like the arrangement now a lot. A whole lot. Zoey is totally confused.

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